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About Us

American Alliance of International Arts, Culture, and Education (AAIACE)  is a 501C (3) not for profit organization dedicated to positive global transformation through arts, culture, and education. Via the study of different art forms, AAIACE aims to both cultivate artistic excellence and bring understanding, acceptance, and joy into people’s lives across ethnicities, ages, lifestyles, and geographies. 

AAIACE is founded by a group of professional women from disparate backgrounds, who found a shared passion for social responsibility within each other. Together, they envisioned a world in which creative expression, immersive education, and cross-cultural dialogue can inform and enrich communities. AAIACE aims to make these dreams a reality by marrying different forms of artistic expression with education and social influence while preserving cultural patrimony, building cross cultural-dialogue, and inspiring the creation of original works.

Our programs are  immersive experiences for students in which each participant’s creative voice is celebrated. Through a blend of eastern and western pedagogies,  students advance upon a lifelong path of innovative design, intercultural communication, and expressive agency. Students enjoy the opportunity to delve into a wide range of subjects at various skill levels, through fast-paced workshops and long-term classes. We offer online and offline educational programs. For details and class offering, please check out Atelier Program and  Performing Arts Program.

Lifelong Learning & Fostering Creativity 

We believe that lifelong learning is the foundation of fostering creativity  

Local Roots & Global Connectivity

We make global connections by respecting, understanding, and sharing local culture

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Our inclusivity centers diversity and cross-cultural fusion

Passion & Excellence

Our passion is driven by our aspiration to excellence 


Our people

Meet The Team


Jia Wu

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Co-Chair, Board, Executive Director


Helen Li

  • Helen Li

Co-Chair, Board, Executive Director

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 10.11.28

Jie Zhu

  • Zhu Jie



Jenny Y. Liu

  • Jenny Liu



Leilei Wang

  • Leilei Wang


Yiwen Zhang.jpg

Yiwen Zhang

  • Yiwen Zhang

Board, Executive Director

D Zibello_Headshot_G Serrano.jpg

Deanna Zibello

  • Deanna Zibello

Artistic Advisor, Designer


Camila Ford

Artistic Advisor, Theater Director

Tereza Joy Kramer.jpg
  • Tereza Joy Kramer

Tereza Joy Kramer

Artistic Advisor, Creative Writing

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