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Live online programs that empower creativity and positivity for your workforce and clients.

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Atelier Program

Today more than ever, organizations are seeking solutions to build a culture of the well-being of their workforce to help employees to be productive and satisfied.  Enterprises are looking for channels to connect with their clients closely and happily.  It’s widely accepted that in the world of business, those who focus on employees' satisfaction, and clients’ happiness are more successful.


AAIACE offers customized programs for staff engagements and client service. We connect with experienced artists, designers, leading experts, and educators in their professional fields to promote intercultural communications, art, and cultural engagements through inspiring workshops and project-based classes. Topics covered from visual arts, performing arts, to culture and lifestyle. Through these programs, participants will either find their potential talents or open a door to another world. For more info, please email us at

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A variety of in-person and online photography workshops for all levels.  The programs are customized to your groups’ needs, topics include landscape photography, holiday photography edition, portrait photo shooting, smartphone photography, DSLR 101, etc.


Jewelry Arts

Jewelry is the most personal elements of our look. They are the final touch that highlights our clothes. Learn jewelry styling to enhance everyday to special occasion look, bringing out our personality, facial features, and skin tones. We also offer jewelry trends, collection,s and appreciation webinars with leading experts in the industry.

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Tea Culture

A family-friendly fun, relaxing, and interesting workshop to learn Chinese tea culture. Tea ceremony or Cha Dao is the essence of Chinese tea culture. Narrated by our certified tea expert and performed in traditional clothing, enjoy an eloquent and artistic ceremony of several teas prepared in different types of teaware.


Music Appreciation

Learn music fundamentals of creation, enjoying, and listening to music. 

Participants will be exposed to many musical styles including traditional, folk, jazz, opera, popular, and classical music from different cultures and will learn to appreciate the complexity and the art of music.


Hand Lettering Design

Get to know one of the most versatile and useful art forms – hand lettering.

This project-based workshop will equip you with all the basic knowledge needed to create a hand-lettering piece, letter-based t-shirt design, customized quilt, wall decoration, bullet journaling, and greeting cards, etc.


Urban Sketching

Urban sketching is a fun and creative form of art that is perfect for any skill level. Its loose, playful nature brings out each artist's personal touch, as it demands a quick process rather than perfection. It gives us the opportunity to explore and document the world around us through our own observations. In the process, it challenges us to interpret life in different ways and we gain a new appreciation of our daily life.

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