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Cultivate expressive agency and passion for the performing and design arts


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The Opus program is a one-of-a-kind experience for all who seek to uplift and cultivate their creative voice. Through a blend of eastern and western pedagogies, participants will be set on a lifelong path of exploring design thinking, inter-cultural communication, and expressive agency. Participants have the opportunity to delve into a wide range of subjects at various skill levels through fast-paced workshops and long-term classes. The Opus program is unique, it offers a chance to not only learn about the performing and design arts but interact with that material to collaboratively create and perform original work. Furthermore, the time frame of our curriculum allows participants to explore in-depth the elements of a musical and discover their own artistic voice.

We offer story-based musical programs year-round. Each program is designed to empower participants' creativity, imagination, and to improve their communication skills through scriptwriting, original dance, stage and costume design, and digital music classes taught by leading professional instructors in the industry.

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Online Musical Theater

Intensive Classes


6th - 9th Grade

A folk heroine from Chinese history (Northern and Southern dynasties: 4th to 6th century AD), Mulan takes her aged father's place in the army by disguising herself as a man.  


Online Musical Theater

Intensive Classes


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3th - 5th Grade

A young fruit bat, Stellaluna, is separated from her mother and is adopted by a nest of birds. After learning bird-like behavior, Stellaluna eventually reunites with her mother and learns how to behave like a bat. Themes in Stellaluna include friendship, acknowledging and accepting differences, and holding onto your individuality while building community with others.

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